re you interested in training 101? Then you are exactly right here! 😉 The areas for which you will find articles here and for which I will be publishing articles in the near future include key points such as the laws of training, training variables, and periodization. We also take a closer look at biomechanics in sports. You can decide in which direction to go before you want to continue reading! The general training theory includes the 3 categories listed below.

Strength programming

Endurance training

Flexibility training

Prinzipien der Trainingslehre
Training 101 – Bild von Wokandapix auf Pixabay

Under resistance training you will find interesting articles on the principles of training theory in resistance training. The contributions are based on the content of sports science courses and, of course, also address focal points from fitness trainer training. Some of the areas we cover in the theory of strength training principles include fundamental topics such as manifestations of strength and different strength training methods. In addition, we also examine what strength training can do to the body and take a look at strength diagnostics. In addition to the theory, I will also introduce you to various exercises from strength training.;)

If you choose the category endurance training, then there is a lot of information about the training principles in cardio training. Again, I will explain a lot of training science content simply. The articles will focus on e.g. deal with the different endurance training areas and the associated training methods in endurance training. We also look at the training effects in endurance training and how to diagnose endurance performance. In addition to the theoretical content, I will also show you exercises for training your cardiovascular system – i.e. more than running or cycling. 😉

In addition, you will also receive training tips for mobility training. So if you want to increase your mobility or simply expand your knowledge of mobility training, then click on mobility training and learn more about theory and practice. Similar to the other two categories, I also provide you with training methodological knowledge that is easy to understand. In my experience, the content of mobility training is often neglected in fitness trainer training. So I’ll try to expand on this topic further. The articles do not just focus on classic stretching training. Rather, u. explains the basics of mobility and different methods of classic mobility training. In addition, fascia and fascia training as well as alternative strategies in mobility training are examined.

Are you hungry!? Then eat something, but first click on nutrition info 😉!



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