On Fitness Simply Explained, you will find helpful information about training, nutrition, and more! It’s about:


What exactly can you expect in the different areas? First of all, I offer you everything here for FREE. When creating the articles, I based myself on the curricula of various training and further education courses and sports science courses. You can read articles on various topics within this blog.

If you have any questions or comments, I would be thrilled if you leave a message. I will then try to process your request quickly and provide you with a suitable answer. I will briefly introduce you to what awaits you behind the subject areas.


Training 101

In the training area, you will learn the theoretical background of training. You will also find practical guidance in the specific fields! 😉 You will find the following categories:


Nutrition info

On the pages on nutrition, you will find nutrition basics explained in simple terms. In addition, we examine individual foods and look at, e.g., what makes certain foods unique and what ingredients they contain. There is also information on various dietary supplements.


Training programming | Free training plan | Free nutrition plans

You can get free training plans and learn what to consider when programming training. There are also free nutrition plans.


Basics of anatomy | Basics of physiology

As the name suggests, the articles on anatomy and physiology deal with the structures and functions of individual muscles and processes that occur in the body and how they work.


“Lifestyle” looks at fitness differently…




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