Hi! My name is Olaf Henning. I am a German sports scientist. As a teenager, I was fat! I ate a lot, didn’t move much, and also spent a lot of time in front of the TV! My development in a nutshell: At some point, I got tired of being unattractive! So I started moving more and eating healthily. 🙂 I enjoyed this new lifestyle so much that I even studied sports science. Now I’m a sports scientist, work as a lecturer and personal trainer as well as nutritionist… and well… I also write a blog and make videos for YouTube! 😀

What can I write about my qualifications?

Currently participating in the Master/PhD program “Clinical Exercise Science”
(University of Potsdam)

Master of sports science
(Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg)

Bachelor of sports science: Sports and Performance
(German Sport University Cologne)

Trainer A – “Movement for Health”
(ESAB/LSB Berlin/LSB Brandenburg)

Trainer B – Profile: Adults/Elderly

Trainer B Prevention – Profile: Health training – Support and locomotor system

Trainer B Prevention – Profile: Health training – Cardiovascular system

Trainer B Rehabilitation – Profile: Sports with spinal conditions

Course leader Fall prevention – Sports with elderly

Instruction in the standardized course program “Fall prevention”

LIC’D Personal Trainer
(German Sport University Cologne)

LIC’D Fitness instructor
(German Sport University Cologne)

LIC’D Trainer in track and field athletics
(Track and field association Nordrhein)

Expert adviser medical nutrition
(Medical Fitness Academy)

Adviser sports nutrition
(Medical Fitness Academy)

Nutritionist A-License
(Medical Fitness Academy)

Nutritionist B-License
(Medical Fitness Academy)



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