Are you interested in strength exercises? Very good! 🙂 Here, I’ll show you which exercises you can use to train your muscles. Further down the page, you will find different categories. For you, this means that if you are looking for an abdominal exercise, for example, then simply click on the category “Exercises for abs”, and you will see articles on various strength exercises for your abdominal muscles. I don’t just show you the strength exercises for different muscle groups or movements, and that’s it. No, of course, we also examine the exercise technique of each exercise. So you can see which muscles are involved in the respective exercise and which points should be considered during execution. This includes exercises with your own body weight as well as exercises that require equipment such as a barbell* or a resistance band*.

Strength exercises – Picture by StockSnap from Pixabay

As promised above, I will show you the individual categories from which you can choose exercises. Please keep in mind that many strength exercises are already available here on the blog, but I am still working hard to add new exercises. So there will be more and more strength exercises over time. Be excited! 🙂 So here are the individual categories:

Chest exercises

Back exercises

Shoulder exercises

Trap exercises

Biceps exercises

Triceps exercises

Exercises for abs

Glute exercises

Leg exercises

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