Push up plus

In principle, the Push up plus exercise is similar to the Serratus anterior exercise with resistance band. However, you don’t use a fitness band but your body weight. The exercise, therefore, requires comparatively more strength but can train the target muscle serratus anterior just as well. As a result, the exercise can also be used in some cases to treat scapular winging.

In the article on the Serratus muscle workouts – With resistance band, I also briefly wrote about scapular winging.

As the name suggests, exercise is an addition to the actual push-up. As a rule, the exercise does not involve a complete push-up; the push-up position is held while moving the shoulder girdle.

Push up plus

Push up plus starting position
Push up plus starting position

Push up plus – Starting position

  • Push-up position with hands under shoulders
  • Body straight
Push up plus beginning
Push up plus beginning

Push up plus – Execution

  • Elbows stay straight
  • Bring shoulders back and shoulder blades close together
  • Then bring your shoulders forward as far as possible
  • Then bring the shoulder blades together again
Push up plus final position
Push up plus final position



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