Triceps kickbacks

The triceps kickbacks are an excellent choice to build muscle mass on the back of your upper arms. It will help you develop massive triceps. It seems to be a simple task to perform a triceps kickback, right!? It’s about bending forward, supporting yourself on a bench or a chair, and then firing away! 😉 However, I sometimes see people performing the triceps kickbacks with a technique that could be improved to target the triceps more properly. Therefore, below, you will find an appropriate triceps kickbacks technique. 😉 If you need a dumbbell, then this one might be a good choice: dumbbell

Triceps kickbacks – Starting position

Triceps kickbacks starting position
Triceps kickbacks starting position

Triceps kickbacks – Starting position

  • Support yourself with your non-exercising arm and the knee on the same side on a bench or something similar
  • Your upper body is approx. parallel to the floor
  • The upper arm of the exercising side is also parallel to the floor and on the side of your body
  • The elbow is flexed slightly more than 90°


Triceps kickbacks – Execution

Triceps kickbacks final position
Triceps kickbacks final position

Triceps kickbacks – Final position

  • Your upper body and upper arm of the exercising side remain in their positions
  • Extend your elbow until full extension
  • Hold the fully extended arm for 1 or 2 seconds and then get back into the starting position


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