Stability ball pike up

The stability ball pike up ball pike up can be quite challenging for your overall core. Because one of the tasks of the core is to keep the spine stable in the various segments while the limbs move. And that’s exactly what happens with the pike up. Ultimately, the exercise is characterized by the fact that you are basically in a push-up position while you want to bring the ball to the upper body with your lower body. It sounds difficult, and it is. 😉

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Stability ball pike up

Pike up with training ball starting position
Pike up with training ball starting position

Starting position

  • Push-up position with legs on stability ball

    • The less leg there is on the ball, the more difficult it becomes
  • Hands about shoulder width apart

  • Body is straight

Pike up with training ball final position
Pike up with training ball final position

Final position

  • Try to bring your pubic bone to your sternum by engaging your abdominal muscles

  • Upper body moves into handstand

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