1000 calorie diet (Low-carb no. 1)

Want to create your meal plan but need some help? On this page, you will find a 1000 calorie diet plan (actually, we are talking about kilocalories here…😉). You can use the nutrition plan here just like that. However, you can also swap out individual meals from other meal plans on this blog because the content of calories and macronutrients is always listed. Excellent stuff, isn’t it!? 😃 1,000 kcal is very little energy for the whole day. Even with weight loss as a goal, 1,000 kcal is hard for many people and ineffective in the long term. So here’s the hint that a long-term change to a needs-based diet is probably more advisable in the long run than a relatively drastic diet.

Breakfast - Cup egg and crispbread as well as fresh vegetables

(327 kcal, 20 g Protein, 20 g Fat, 17 g Carbs)
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As requiredSalt and pepper
1 sliceCrispbread
1 sliceCheese (16 % Fat / 100 g)

1000 calorie diet – Breakfast preparation

Crack the egg into a cup, stir, season, and then microwave at 600 watts for 1:30 to 2 minutes. Meanwhile, halve and stone the avocado and use a quarter to spread on the crispbread. Then, cover the crispbread with the cheese slice. Remove the mug from the microwave, place the scrambled eggs on a plate, and enjoy with the crisp bread and vegetables. Enjoy your meal!


Lunch - Chicken breast with mixed vegetables

(284 kcal, 37 g Protein, 9 g Fat, 10 g Carbs)
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125Chicken breast
50 mlChicken stock
1 ½ tbsp.Rama Cremefine for Cooking (15 % Fat / 100 ml)
1 tsp.Canola oil
200 gMixed vegetables (froozen)
As requiredCurry powder

1000 calorie diet – Lunch preparation

Cut the chicken breast and the peppers into small pieces. Put rapeseed oil in a pan and brown the meat in it. Remove the meat from the pan as soon as it is cooked through. Then warm up the Kaiser vegetables and the peppers in the pan. As soon as the vegetables are warmed up, add the chicken, season with curry powder and Rama Cremefine, and continue to cook for a short time. Then arrange it on a plate and enjoy. Enjoy your meal!


Dinner - Open-faced sandwich style crispbread and quark dish

(402 kcal, 38 g Protein, 20 g Fat, 15 g Carbs)
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1 sliceCrispbread (wholegrain)
As requiredSalt and peper
30 gCrumbled cheese (16 % Fat / 100 g)
200 gLowfat quark
1 tsp.Chia seeds
1 tsp.Flaxseed (shredded)
As requiredMineral water
If you really want toArtificial sweetener

1000 calorie diet – Dinner preparation

Halve the avocado, deseed, and remove the flesh. Season the flesh of one half with salt and pepper and use as a spread for the crispbread. Then, cover the crispbread with the cheese. Mix the low-fat quark with water and sweetener until creamy. Then mix in the chia seeds and flaxseeds and let them swell briefly. Enjoy your meal!




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