Serratus anterior workouts – With resistance band

Serratus muscle workouts | The exercise can probably help you optimize the shoulder blades’ movements. This is often also suitable for getting a scapular winging under control. One speaks of scapular winging when the inner edge of the shoulder blade, i.e., the edge near the spine, lifts off. The exercise I present here is perfect for training the serratus anterior (anterior saw muscle). The serratus anterior is a muscle that, e.g., can ensure that the scapula remains flat and fixed on the thorax.

Other movements are also helpful to optimize the stability and movement of your shoulder girdle. It can also be essential to strengthen the muscles between your shoulder blades. If you need a resistance band for this exercise, I can recommend these: Resistance band*

Serratus muscle workouts

Serratus muscle workouts with resistance band starting position
Serratus muscle workouts with resistance band starting position

Starting position

  • Arms about at shoulder level

  • Elbows stretched

  • Shoulders down and shoulder blades slightly together

Serratus muscle workouts with resistance band final position
Serratus muscle workouts with resistance band final position

Final position

  • Elbows stay straight

  • Bring your shoulders forward, and keep them short at the extreme point

  • Then, bring your shoulders back to the starting position

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